rhino pro surf team rider: Ian Battrick

Ian is our cold water pit gobbler. Being tired of board shorts and perfect weather in those stereotypical surf destinations, Batty decided that the new adventure had to be places way up north near the arctic circle.

A recent destination was Canada where Ian found himself freezing cold, sleeping rough under a tarp whilst hugging a riffle to protect himself from grizzly bears. Not satisfied with that, Batty then headed over to Iceland to test the new full hooded Rhino 6:4 front zip wetsuit. Most people are use to only seeing other surfers in the line up but oh no, not for Batty. Instead the crowded line up full of surfers was replaced with ice bergs whilst icicles formed over his body. Very few surfers can say that they have traveled to desolate places with unforgiving environments in search of true perfection! Batty, we take our hat off to you; you are the cold water king! Oh yes, we forgot to mention the time Ian surfed bagpipes in Scotland during autumn completely naked, but hey, that’s another story.


Ian is from Jersey and just loves to get barreled. He has been with Rhino since 1997 and is truly part of the family. Whilst loving surfing and exploring new destinations, Ian is not a fan of airplane board surcharges and snapped boards (aren't we all).

Batty is influenced by "Anyone following their own path. People who look for the answers within, not being influenced by those around them, their words or their thoughts."

We think he sums it up pretty well!

rhino pro surf team rider: Andrew Griffin

Name: Andrew Griffin
A.K.A: Jeeka or Grifter
D.O.B: 18/05/1985
From: Newquay (England)
Years surfing: 15
Sponsors: Rhino, Tunnel Vision, Future fins, Kernow Boardriders and Kustom
Favourite manoeuvre: Air reverse
Board size: 6'1" x 19" x 2 1/4"
Weight: 78KG
Height: 6'0"
Local Break: Holywell Bay
Favourite Break: Superbank and Various waves in Bali

My name's Andrew Griffin from Cubert with my local break being Holywell Bay(TR8). I've been surfing for around 15 years, and competing for about 12 of those years. Last year I had a bit of an up and down season, not doing too well on the UK Pro tour, but making the final of every other event I entered. This year I haven't entered too many events, but I've just had a couple of new boards off Tunnel Vision and they are going really well, so I'm looking to get into a few more comps and get a few results. At the end of the summer I'm hoping to compete in the World Games representing the British team in peru.


Open - English Nationals - 3rd Open - Bude Surf Classic - 1st
Open - Quiksilver Tag Team - 3rd
Open - Quiksilver Best Air - 1st
Open - VQS - 3rd
Open - British Nationals - 4th
Open - British Universities - 2nd
Open - English Team Rider

rhino pro surf team rider: Dan Joel

Tow surf and free surfing charger Dan “Mole” Joel will give his invaluable feedback to the Rhino design team who continually strive to develop Rhino products that can perform in the most challenging of conditions. With test riders using the Black Rhino Series wetsuits at some of the heaviest spots around the world including Dungeons in Cape Town, Mavericks in California, Nelscott Reef in Oregon and closer to home the Cribbar in Cornwall, who better than Mole to add to this wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mole is recognised as one of the country’s best free surfers who is pushing the UK’s fledgling tow surf scene. With regular trips to Ireland to surf spots like Aileens, that have won him a prestigious nomination for the XXL Biggest Wave Award Rhino International is proud to support one of Britain’s most talented surfers.

But it’s not just Mole’s big wave shenanigans that have attracted Rhino to adopt this Cornish son, his free surfing prowess makes him the ideal ambassador for Rhino International. Mole said "I’m really stoked to be surfing for Rhino. The quality of their product is exceptional and I'm really looking forward to representing them over the forthcoming years."

rhino pro surf team rider: Saber Atmen

My name is Saber Atmen I have been surfing for 18 years all over the world. I grew up in Rabat, Morocco and from an early age I have traveled down and experienced the entire coast of Morocco.

I live in Newquay for 6 months running a surf school at Fistral Beach and the rest of the year I go to Morocco to run a surf camp and travel somewhere different around the world as well.

I have traveled a lot and experienced a lot of different cultures and waves around the 5 continents. I'm very stoked to be on the Rhino team. Growing up in Morocco makes me get cold quickly in the UK water but Rhino wetsuits are super warm and very flexible. I don't think I can choose other wetsuits then Rhino now I know how good they are.


Favorite surfers: kelly slater, Dane Reynolds, Mick fanning and Taj borrow.

Height: 5'11"
Home break in UK: Fistral beach
Home break in morocco: Mehdia
Likes: Love surfing uncrowded places around the world.

rhino pro surf team rider: Jem Evans

Aka: Jem
From: Mumbles, South Wales
Sponsors: Rhino, JP Surfboards, Globe, Skull Candy, Cobian, OAM
Short Board: JP SX Model 5’9” x 18 ¾” x 2 1/4”
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 78 kg
Home Break: Langland
Favourite Waves: Sand Reef, Boiler, PR, Thurso, Piha, Whangapouapoua, Shippies, Indo
Favourite Surfers: Kelly Slater, Taylor Knox, Occy, Curren
Favourite Food: Sushi and Thai
Loves: Getting barrelled, surfing new spots, fishing, mountain biking and trips away
Favourite Cartoon Character: Rhino Thomas!

"I’m so stoked to be on the Rhino Team. Surfing in the UK requires motivation and commitment and Rhino wetsuits make it so much easier- being warm, durable and extremely supple"

Everyone here at Rhino is pleased to have Jem on the team. He is Such a happy and dedicated surfer that I don't think any one has seen him in line up without a huge grin on his face!

rhino pro surf team rider: Dave Ibbertson

Dave 'Ibby' Ibbertson is our Pro Kite-surfing Team Rider. Ibby is a former British and International Champion and was quoted by Kitesurf magazine as being one of the grittiest kitesurfers out there! Living on the colder NE coast Ibby braves all conditions year round to find remote and firing point breaks to surf and is on a mission to bridge the gap between surfing and kitesurfing.

Travelling the World seeking out the best wind and waves, Dave has recently returned from Indonesia where he spent a month training and riding the world respected wave at Lakey Pipe.

" I want to do on a kite-surf board what the surfing young guns are doing on a standard surfboards. I spent a month getting barrelled and riding big waves but I also want to add a strapless freestyle element to wave kiting and am positive that rodeo flips and the like are achieveable"

When he's not on the water he's either fighting fires at work, charging down mountains by either bike or snowboard or as is commonly the case, in A&E!

rhino pro surf team rider: Ash Lawton

Nickname: Lumoxs
DOB: 16/04/1984
Height: 6'2
Weight: 16st 8lb
From: St.Ives
Best Surfing Memory: taking on 20ft le nord
Favorite Surfer: taylor jenson..... bruce irons

Hey guys, names Ashley and I’m 26 years old and I live in Perranporth, I have one belief in life, that god put me here for a good time, not a long time..... So this is the way I live.... I take way to many risks but then... life would be very dull.

I love my son Brandon very much, i love to travel and push my limits to the point they break... it makes you feel alive!! I’m stoked to be apart of the team rhino team... that’s built for people...not profit!!

Ash is one of the most stoked surfers ever and can be spotted in line ups easily by the big grin on his face...Oh year, and the fact that he is shredding it up!!!!!! Welcome to the team Ash!!

rhino pro surf team rider: Josh Le Marquand

Hi I am Josh Le Marquand from Jersey in the Channel Islands. I have been surfing since the age of 8, and enjoy it allot, I have been competing in local contests for the last 4 years.

I have always short boarded but for the last 6-8 months have started to long board which I am really enjoying.

Recently I have just accomplished my biggest achievement in my surfing career which was winning the European Championships – Viana do Castelo – under 18’s long board which makes me European Champion for the next 2 years.

I am now 17 and have the rest of this year and the next to do all British contests as well as all local ones. I hope to become British champion next year and settle with second for this year as in the final of the BLU series two of my boards snapped clean in half.


Jersey summer series  -  u18 2nd
Jersey surf about Earth Wind and Water  -  open 4th
Deloitte Channel Island Championships  -  open 4th
AIB/ Laneez Round 4  -  open 7th


European Championships  -  u18 1st
BLU series 2  -  u18 2nd
BLU series 2  -  open 7th
BLU series 3  -  u18 2nd
AIB series 1  -  u18 1st
AIB series 2  -  u18 1st

King of the groms  -  u16 4th
Deloitte Channel Island Championships  -  u18 5th
AIB/ Laneez Round 4 out of 28 competitors  -  open 15th

rhino pro surf team rider: Jack Davies

Jack Davies-moved to Newquay 8yrs ago, as soon as he did he was magnetised by the sea. He started surfing almost immediately and began stand-up surfing on a body board and then went onto surfing a long board with a paddle (he had seen some guy in a magazine in Hawaii, thought it looked like great fun).

He then started surfing anything he could get hands on, and soon became quite well known in Newquay by all the local surfers and was in local newspapers and surf mags. Jack then started surfing a short board, and things became, in a way, a lot more serious. He began to enter local surfing competitions, and now surfs all the national competitions. Jack has been Welsh champion for the last two years now and has won a couple of local comps. Now part of the Welsh surf team, jack has been to European comps and is holding his own!

Not only is jack competing in the U14 events but he is also giving his older piers a run for their money in the U16’s. Generating solid performances in every comp, Jack Davies is a very bright prospect for the future…

rhino pro surf team rider: Jaide Lowe

D.O.B: 06/04/95

Jaide first started surfing in March 2008 when she moved down to Newquay with her parents. She started surfing at the grom club down at Fistral beach with Saber Atmen who convinced her that she would probably enjoy competitive surfing. She had her first competition the same year in November which was the Cornish schools championships in which she won.

Since then she has never looked back as she now competes’ on the Pro British surf tour and in her first season of 2009 finished 3rd in the ratings. She has had many first places, some of which are Rip Curl grom search 2009, North of the Border 2009, South of the Border 2010 to name but a few. Also in 2009 she competed in the British Billabong championships and finished with a well deserved 2nd, not bad for a girl who hasn’t been surfing that long. 2010 has been a good year so far as every competition she has been in she has always had a podium finish. Jaide can be seen training just about every day in the waters of Newquay with her dad who is originally a North East surfer or with Tony Good of the Atlantic surf club.

One of her favourite breaks is Praa sands but she is looking forward to surfing some breaks abroad as she has not had much chance yet as she has only been surfing a short time. Her goal is to eventually win the women’s British title then hopefully compete one day on the WQS tour.

rhino pro surf team rider: Johnny Fryer

Johnny grew up on the family farm in the middle of the island some 20 minutes from the beach. At age 11 he started to surf off the island when his mum began taking him to contests in Newquay and he thrived in this new environment with more talented surfers to inspire him and experience in better waves.

Johnny describes his competitiveness not so much as desire to beat his opponents but as a determination to prove things to himself. Even with his successes he continues to be critical of his surfing and is constantly trying to improve.

Johnny is now the current British Surfing Champion, and recently crowned the new Saltrock Open Champion. He has represented his country internationally and featured on the cover of a major surfing magazine.

· Quiksilver 2010 British Champion · 2011 Uk pro Tour- Croyde Champion · 2011 Rider Pro Invitational Champion · English Champion · Uk Pro Tour Fosters North East Open Champion · Animal/Carve Shootout Champion · Quiksilver Invitational Shootout Champion · Greenaway Pro Champion · 3x British Junior Champion

rhino pro surf team rider: Rhys Poulton

Age: 16
From: Llangennith
GowerSponsors: Rhino, Far king, SDF
Favourite wave: Gower

Inspiration: Clay Marzo, love how unique he is, and I really try to match his surfing, but with my own style and local rippers, Nicky Reid and Lloyd Cole. I’ve been lucky enough to do heaps of travelling in the past three years, from Australia, France, Spain and Portugal, where I represented Wales in the Junior Europeans. Portugal has become like my second home, I go there probably once every 3 months to train and get away from either the cold or summer mush!

At the moment I’m really enjoying surfing Sam Du Feu’s (SDF Surfboards), since I have jumped on his boards my surfing has really progressed, his boards are awesome, and go really well! I also have been training with Lloyd Cole (British and Welsh Junior Coach). I also trained with the British Junior Squad earlier this year and my goal is to make the team next year.

I try to stay as committed as possible, and surf as hard as I can. I’m always in the water, whatever conditions. I’m stoked to be with Rhino, and their suits definitely make surfing in the UK a lot easier, I always represent them in the best way possible…

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